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Five points on innovation success

This article by our Y&R Group MD, Andrew Dowling appeared today in BRW

There is a lot of hot air in our industry about innovation. Claims of world firsts, media firsts, technology firsts. Designed-for-creative-award-show-circuit firsts.

But to my mind, there’s an important distinction between being the first to do something and executing an idea that genuinely changes the way we meet customers’ needs.

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SXSW Interactive: 2014 highlights from Nicholas Sellars, Digital Art Director GPY&R Melbourne

Nicholas Sellers, GPY&R Melbourne’s Digital Art Director, shares some of his observations from this year’s SXSW Interactive. 

For me, the greatest change that stood out in 2014 was the shift in focus. Last year I felt that single technologies were being recognised, whereas this year, there was an increase in rules and trends within the functionality of upcoming technology.

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The business of creativity, the art of science

This piece by our Y&R Group COO, Jason Buckley appeared today in Marketing Magazine

We have always believed that great ideas come from making connections between brands, and the human and cultural contexts in which those brands exist.

The advertising we produce – whether in the form of TV commercials, posters, websites or social media campaigns – is simply a means to an end, where the desired end result is a reaction in someone’s head upon seeing or hearing our communication. Everything we do is geared towards influencing that reaction.

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