5 steps for reaching out to bloggers and influencers

Getting your content onto highly popular blogs and websites often generates thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in free media. However, it’s easier said then done. Often in our efforts of blogger outreach we end up spamming and well… being annoying.

To help, here’s my 5 quick tips for getting outreach right.

1. Discovery

Whether you’re using programs such as GPY&R Pulse or Buzz Metrics, knowing who your influencers are is half the battle. Thankfully sites with high traffic and credibility tend to champion their writers without the need for aliases. This is great, but finding ways in which to contact these people are often covered in anti-spam poison ivy.

Solution: If you cannot find an email address look for them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

2. Context

This is not rocket surgery (joke), but the more you can match your product / service with influencer the better. A little lateral thinking will give you a clear picture of your parallel ‘interest’ audiences.

Our Picnic ‘It’s no picnic’ campaign targeted aspiring actors and models who’d do anything to get onto TV. Then more recently for Army Reserve Musicians, we targeted design influencer groups because of the strange poster designs we created.

3. Content

Poorly written, long winded emails without any imagery or links will surely get lost in the inbox. Ensure you have a succinct, well written piece of communication (email or tweet) that clearly links to good quality images and other content from the web.

Nobody wants to publish content which reduces the value of their website or blog. If you’re targeting multiple audiences, make sure the context and relevancy of your email changes as required.

4. Follow up

If at first you don’t succeed. Be nice and ask again. Often bloggers have to wade through a sea of emails. These emails are mostly from people like you and I who want something for nothing.


No, WIIFM is not a radio station that plays German trance music. It stand for ‘What’s in it for me’.

Everyone has motivator switches, whether it’s freebies, money or bragging rights. There’s often something which will keep the relationship between you and blogger nice and rosy for years to come.

Often influencers just want to be the first, sometimes they want to go to cool parties or even get free chocolate. The trick is finding that hook.

Good luck.